Over 3 months without a post... But I couldn't miss the chocolate week! On Friday we paid a visit to Sarah from Cocoaloco in her new premises. She has moved out of her shed at the back fo the garden, into...the Chocolate Barn, of course. Located off the A24 northbound, just before the the junction with the A272, which is a TERRIBLE thing for me: It's now directly on my way to work!

Because of chocolate week, there was an open week and free tasting at the barn. We tried some yummy milk and orange chocolate and brought back serious amounts of choccies with us. You never know, if one day chocolate runs out, one has got to be prepared.

With the milk chocolate buttons and all the apples that fall in our garden from our neighbour's tree, I made some:

Chocolate apple slices   ingredients the list is short: Apples and chocolate (plus a slug of your favourite spirit if you want- rhum, calvados, amaretto all work a treat)

Clean and slice the apples as thin as possible  lay them down on greaseproof paper dry them in the oven, set on the lowest temperature for several hours remove from the oven and leave to cool Melt your chocolate in a bain marie (in a bowl over a pan of hot water) Whilst the chocolate is warm and melted, dip the slices of apples halfway in it lay them down again on the greaseproof paper and leave to set in the fridge

Perfect with coffee or to make little hand made presents!

PS: the afternoon of that same day, we set out on out annual visit to the Pumpkin Man in Slindon, more on that soon.....