The bread bin is overflowing...
again. We buy loads of bread (the yummy "low GI" one from Truffles, baps for burgers, brioches for the kids for breakfast, ...) and every now and then, the lid doesn't fit on the bread bin no more.
I still can't call sliced bread "normal bread" but have got really used to have it around rather than crusty loaves or baguettes.  Before moving "out of France" , the only times we'd use sliced bread was around Christmas time or ahead of big aperetifs, when we'd buy some - not very good- "pain de mie"  to make little toast style nibbles.

Now, except if hubby is here for the whole week, we rarely need or eat a whole loaf. And there are only so many ducks in the pond in Storrington we can feed the leftovers to (let alone the fact that last time we went to feed them, a frail old lady told me off for feeding them white bread. Gives them terrible "gas" apparently, hence why she only buy wholemeal baps for them. I know...)

I have found that preventing half of the bread bin contents to end up ...in the real bin is a question of habits, or rather 1 habit: lift the lid up every other day and check what's inside.

Did it yesterday, found 1/2 a multi grain loaf that wouldn't make it to the week end and a whole pack of little brioches awaiting a sad end too...the kids having gone off them suddenly.


1. Arranged the slices of bread flat on a tray pack them willy nilly on top of the scale in a corner or our doolhouse size kitchen so they could dry before getting mouldy
2. Made a quick bread and butter pudding with the leftover brioches, a big handful of raisins and a quick custard.
I ADORE bread and butter pud, it's up there in the top 5 of ultimate comford food. It's a lot like the French pain perdu, only baked in the oven rather than cooked in a pan..and a bit richer too. My cousin, Seb, who runs a couple of patisseries in London, makes a MEAN one....except I haven't seen him since our wedding :( 

Hence I have to make it myself....

brioche leftovers and butter pudding:

6 to 8 small brioches or slices of a brioche loaf
300ml milk
100ml double cream
125 g caster sugar
2 eggs
1 generous teaspoon of vanilla extract
a handful of raisins
about 30 g of butter


pre heat your oven at 180 degres
Cut the brioches open and butter the inside (or butter the slices)
Close the brioches again and cut in 3 or 4 pieces
place 1/2 in a deep ovenproof dish
sprinkle most the raisins on top
put the rest of the brioche pieces in the dish
sprinkle the rest of the raisins

Make your custard:
Beat the eggs in a bowl
heat cream, milk, vanilla and sugar in a pan until nearly boiling.
Remove from the heat and pour over the beaten eggs whisking fast (otherwise you'll get scrambled eggs)
pour the whole mixture back in the pan and heat gently, stirring all the time, until the cream coat the back of a spoon.
Pour on top of the brioche leaving about 1/2 inch of bread not soaked in custard.
Sprinkle with a little more sugar and bake in the oven (I place it in a tray filled with 1 inch of water but...not too sure why actually?)

20 minutes later, it looks like...that:


it's just YUMMMMM!

Nearly forgot! the bread slices I have put to dry, I wizz them in a food processor to make breadcrumbs, sometimes plain, sometimes adding a tablespoon of dried herbs with it. Into a jam jar, lid on, they keep for ages and are great for coating fish fillets, chicken goujons, smal flattened slices of pork tenderloin or pork chops spread with mustard.