Friday comes...
and the same question return. What are we going to do today?

On Friday, I don't work . Well not in the office that is. I spend it looking after "petit pingouin" (Tom) and  "petit lapin" (Millie) for the whole day. And just for the record, I am NOT complaining! It's a great day (most weeks) since I ONLY look after the kids instead of trying to half work and half look after them (that's  "horrible Tuesdays" to me).

Anyway, we often spend days doing fairly simple stuff. Looking at it, I am not very creative really, I mostly repeat what happened in my childhood. When I was a kid, we lived just outside the village, so we'd spend wednesday afternoons (no school!) and summer holidays going on great adventures on our horses bikes, hiding from 1001 dangers in between the rows of vines behind the house, or sometimes going to feed the "baby goats" (sure there's a better word for them but..) down the road at the nearby farm.

So what do I do with my crew when the weather is good enough? I often take them to Wiston Tea Rooms,DSC00700
a great little place between Washington and Steyning, just 15 minutes down the road from us.

The kids can play around all they like, feed the ducks,
watch pony, geese and chickens walking around....

roll and roll and roll down on the lawn at the back...I can have a nice coffee and more often that not a NICE BIG slice of homemade cake too.

You can buy all sorts of things at Wiston Tea Rooms from supplies to create hand made cards to plant plugs...DSC00709
small toys and great FRESH EGGS.
I always try to have eggs at home. They are cheap, very versatile and taste yummm (especially proper farm eggs, by the way less expensive than supermarket eggs in most instances, I have discovered).
You can always make so many different meal with eggs:
obviously you can scrambled them, hard boil them, poach them, soft boil them and dip soliders in them...


Add just a little milk and flour to make great sweet or savoury pancakes,
A little more flour and butter as well for a brilliant quatre quart cake,
whisk the egg whites and add cheese for a simple but delicious soufflé,

try what I did today...
Not wanting to throw away food as usual, I found a bowl full of cooked new potatoes and a few steamed broccolis from Sunday's roast, just about still OK. And a slice of Tomme de Chevre (a soft goats cheese with a hard crust) we brought back from our day trip to France on Saturday.
A couple of eggs later and in less time than you can say "a chasseur sachant chasser" I got myself a delicious "omelette bordering on tortilla" for lunch:

new potatoes and cheese omelette

per person
2 eggs
1 to 2 small new potatoes, cooked
50g of hard cheese - cheddar, goats, parmesan...
a handful of cooked vegetables (onion, broccoli, asparagus, peas, ...) or a handful of chopped fresh tomatoes
salt, pepper and olive oil

Beat the eggs with a fork in a bowl
cut the potatoes and mix with the eggs
chop the cheese in small cubes
Heat the oil in a pan,
season the eggs with salt and pepper,
throw your eggs and potatoes in and turn the heat half way down,
add the vegetables,
leave to cook for a minute or so before giving it a gentle stir

You want to take it off the heat when the eggs are still slightly uncook. They'll carry on cooking in the pan and by the time you plate them ,they'll be just perfect.

Ta-dah...a perfect lunch for...less than a couple of pounds?
If you are real hungry, you can add buttered toast to go with it.
I reckon it works with roast potatoes as well, just don't try with mash!